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“Home” has meant a lot of different things to me over the years. Between the time when I was born and age 18, my family moved 8 times and included residences in four different states. We moved to Colorado when I was 6, and I remember my dad promising us that this was the last time we would be moving.

My young soul knew how to put down roots, and I reveled in the magic that the land held for me in that small Western Colorado town. Therefore, I was devastated when, shortly after I turned ten years old, my grandfather in Iowa got sick and my parents made the decision to move back to Iowa. I didn’t want to move, my energy was tied to the land in Colorado, but the choice was not mine to make.

Looking back at this time in my life, I can see how I felt like I was a plant that had been ripped from the earth, my roots left behind in the land energies that I had felt so supported by in Colorado.

Although where we moved to in Iowa had a great school system and plenty of benefits not offered in Western Colorado, I can see now that ultimately I never felt at home living in Iowa, nor in most of the other places I have lived since we left Colorado.

Between the ages of 18 and 31, I moved another 23 times, almost twice per year! During that time I was effectively homeless twice.

The first time was when a fire destroyed nearly everything I owned, including my two cats, on my 24th birthday. At the time, I had a friend who let me stay with him until I had another place to live, but it was a shock to realize that I was walking away from my home with little more than the clothes on my back. This event gave me a unique perspective on what it’s like to live with very little and how grief-stricken a person can be over this kind of loss.

The second time I was without a place to live was when, in 2003, a boyfriend and I decided to make a leap of faith and move, with very little planning, to Southern California. My boyfriend had lots of friends and family in the area and had assured me that the two of us, and our two cats (it’s true, most of my life has been spent with at least one or two cats by my side), would be taken care of while we were there.

Although we certainly did receive help from friends and family, it was not enough to keep us from sleeping in the car a few nights and wondering where we would be sleeping the next week, how we could scrimp together enough money for food, or how we would pay back the tow truck driver who pulled us out of a desert road exploration trip gone bad. To compound our challenges, the job market was rough in California at this time.

We ended up spending our last $200 on gas to drive to my sister’s home in Denver where we were four humans and three cats sharing a one-bedroom apartment. This went on for three months. Although we had been able to find jobs in Denver, they weren’t any better than the jobs we had left in Iowa. We finally threw in the towel, feeling defeated, and headed back to Iowa, where we knew we could get decent paying jobs and cheaper housing.

It is fucking scary to be homeless. And the longer I do that work that I do, I find that what most people want is a special place where they can feel safe, supported, and connected to the people and things that matter in their lives. This is what a real home is to me.

In the Fall of 2015, I had another big realization about what has drawn me to working with people in their home spaces. As I embarked upon a nearly 3-month-long road trip to the Western United States, I realized that what I had been looking for all these years was a true sense of Home, but on a deeper level, on an energetic level.

I realized I had been moving from home to home looking for the right land energy, but none of them could match the way I had felt connected to the land when I was a kid in Colorado.

I did all the things I knew how to claim my space in the physical spaces I was allotted – from shared dorm rooms to apartments to houses – like painting and redecorating, playing with the furniture arrangements, adding touches of “me” into the decor, and having space clearings and blessings.

Although the spaces felt good, even GREAT, to me, they did not feel like Home, no matter how long I had lived there. There had always been something missing, and I finally put my finger on it.

Since the Fall of 2015 I have been exploring more of what “Home” really means, and I realize that it’s what I’ve been looking for my whole life: I just didn’t know exactly what it was that I had been looking for.

As I speak with people, they often say they want to be more organized and clutter-free, but what I feel they are actually looking for is Home – a place to feel supported, a place they can totally let go in. A space that supports them and all their endeavors. A space that provides clarity, brings joy, and feels light.

During my road trip in 2015, I returned  to the area in Colorado where I had lived as a child, and I re-explored it. When I arrived I felt like I was Home, finally Home, like I had finally reconnected with the parts of myself that had gotten left behind when we had moved.

I had visited this area two other times since we moved when I was 10 and had had a similar feeling. The first time was when I was 16, when I still lived with my parents and didn’t have the choice to move. The second time, when I was 34, was much more impactful. The tears washed down my face as I felt the familiar land energies fill me again, like I hadn’t been gone for 18 years, like I had never left, like the energy had been waiting for me to return. I was Home.

Between my own travels and life experiences as well as my work with clients, I’ve come to realize how important land energies can be for humans, and how it isn’t enough for me to only have a place to live – I, and in fact we all, need a place to thrive, and having our Homes in places where we resonate with the land energetically is an amazing way to connect into a whole different level of support.

We long for these type of Home spaces, but do we really know what we’re looking for?

And if we do know what we’re looking for, do we know how to get it?

It took me years to see that what I’d really been looking for was a sense of Home. And in actuality, we can all create these spaces in our physical world.

For many if not most people, decluttering and creating space for your intentions and what you want is almost always the first step towards creating a real Home.

When it comes to creating a Home, I’ve experienced first-hand the alchemical effect that changing the energy of a space can have on our lives. We can churn through energetic blocks by shifting and changing our physical environment. We can burn through loads of bullshit that keeps us stuck and stagnating and come out with gold on the other side. It is really amazing what can shift in your life when you shift your stuff and the energy of your space!

Everyone deserves a Home – a place to feel safe and supported and carefree. A place to work your own alchemical magic and create the platform to embolden the rest of your life.

What’s Clutter Got to Do With It?

After years of organizing and managing systems in prior jobs, and then seven years of working as an onsite professional organizer, I realized there was more that I could offer than simply onsite organizing help.

Sometimes we hit these snags in our lives where everything feels stagnant, things aren’t moving, we feel stuck.

It’s not just about the physical stuff. It’s about how our lives flow. What blocks the flow is clutter. Physical clutter, mental clutter, emotional clutter – they tend to go together.

I’ve also noticed that many people in general are missing a true sense of Home. Often part of what is blocking this true sense of Home is clutter.

Let’s be clear, being organized doesn’t mean you don’t have clutter.

Some people have very, very organized clutter.

Clutter can be both mental and emotional. It can be comprised of old photos of past relationships that no longer serve you, it can be the sentimental items neatly stored away in your basement that are never used or looked at, it can be your inability to say “no” to engagements in your calendar.

Clutter is anything that causes stagnant energy in your life.

The stagnant energy that collects around clutter numbs our connection to our Higher Selves.

But when we are ready to be present to the true emotional reasons behind our clutter and then let go of the things that are clogging our lives, an opening occurs – an opening not only in the physical space, but in our minds and our hearts as well. It creates an opening for your true sense of Home to land.

What I’ve realized about clearing clutter is that it’s never a done job – something that’s not clutter today can easily become clutter six to twelve months down the road.

Since life is ever-changing, we must learn to evolve with it. Once we have a sense of Home, we must learn what it takes to preserve and nurture that feeling of Home.

I like to think of decluttering as a never ending journey – there’s always another level of clutter I can clear in my own life. What I’m finding in my own experience is that each decluttering session presents me a new opportunity to learn something about myself, to go a little bit deeper, to see a little bit more of who I really am, and who I am not. Decluttering is much like a spiritual journey that way – it’s up to you how far down the rabbit hole you want to go.

There is ALWAYS something new you can learn about yourself from decluttering your home, but how far and how deep you go is up to you. I can show you how to do this in your own life when you are ready.

In 2008, I started my business helping people declutter and organize their lives. When I began this professional endeavor, I relied on previous work experience that had required high levels of organization and efficiency and a hell of a lot of reading and online courses. And I continued to furiously read books and take courses about professional organizing, clutter, feng shui and other energetic practices throughout my time as a professional organizer.

During 2010-2012, I took courses with the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD). My studies with ICD helped me understand even more deeply that there is so much more to clutter than just the physical stuff.

In 2011, I took my learning deeper and pursued coursework in Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (BEST), a gentle energetic release therapy originally developed by a chiropractor. This training helped me better recognize the role subconscious blocks play in our nervous systems as well as in the clutter people accumulate, and I mastered a specific technique that can help release those blocks. I was certified as a BEST practitioner the end of 2011.

The end of 2010 led me to books by Karen Kingston about clutter and sacred space that changed my life forever because they introduced me to the Clairvision School of Meditation, a school whose chief aim is “raising the voltage of consciousness.” In the spring of 2012, I attended my first residential course, and my life has never been the same.

One of the skills I have developed with my meditation work is Vision – a way of seeing things from outside the ordinary mind. When I work with clients now, I often sense the emotional reasons behind their clutter before they do. My meditation practice has given me tools that allow me to work with clients on a much deeper level than I was ever able to before.

I take a Holistic approach to decluttering and organizing processes.

“Holistic Organizers go beyond basic organizing systems and techniques. We advocate for an evolving paradigm for Professional Organizing that includes a compassionate, heart-centered approach and integrates spiritual and holistic principles and practices.

We use the word “holistic” because it focuses on and respects all aspects of a client’s life — physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Our approach is not rooted in any particular spiritual or religious tradition and honors all paths. We consider our work sacred and know it is possible to transform lives with the work we do in the world.”

No one system works for everyone. I am a huge proponent of taking what works for you and leaving the rest behind. See for yourself, know for yourself.

Clearing the clutter and getting organized changes people’s lives for the better – I have seen it time and time again. And these are the first steps to creating a space you will love to call Home.

Reclaiming space isn’t just about opening up your physical space, it frees your mind, it can free your heart – it very well may make a positive impact on every other area of your life!

What inspires me is:

Finding Home

Creating Home

Coming Home


How can I inspire you create your own Home? Let’s talk – set up a time here now.

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