When it feels like something is off in my life, I will often turn to decluttering my space for answers. Sounds kind of crazy, right? But what I’ve seen after years in the trenches of the organizing business is that all our stuff has some kind of emotional impact on us, whether we consciously feel it or not.

After attending a meditation retreat this summer, I arrived back home ready to carry forward the impulse about where my life is heading next. One part of this process for me is getting rid of even more stuff, despite the fact that I’ve gotten rid of at least 60-70% of my stuff in the last 18 months of so. Although I have been diligently digitizing old photos and memory items for the last few months, I felt more ready than ever to complete this project.

It has also led me to re-evaluating every single item in our home and storage unit (more on the danger of storage units to come!). It’s really interesting to see that as I become more and more aligned with what I’m really doing with my life how easy it is to let all the physical stuff that I thought was important or necessary go. No hesitation. No regret. No guilt. Just Done.

It brings a tremendous amount of lightness into my life to let go of things. It brings a magnificent amount of freedom to have the extra space. It brings a spectacular level of flow into my life that I never would have imagined.

This is what can happen when you dedicate yourself to removing the clutter from your life, and never stopping, no matter what. It’s a commitment you’re making to yourself and a dedication to moving in the direction you want your life to go.

If you have an intention or intentions for your life, consider decluttering a willful act of moving towards those intentions. Use decluttering to remove anything and everything from your life that does not support those intentions. Then, watch and see what happens.

Something opens when you can approach decluttering in this way. And this isn’t only about the physical space opening up. Ditching the emotional heaviness that clutter holds can open space in your mind for clearer thinking, and it can open space in your heart for more love to flow in and out.

It may sound flippant to call this decluttering business “magic”, but the shifts and changes it can bring to your life really can be that big.

Is decluttering really this powerful?

Yes. Quite simply yes.

The level of engagement required to complete a decluttering project can require a whole lot of diligence. What I’ve heard from people time and again is that decluttering by yourself is difficult and that it’s much easier when someone is there with you.

Although I cannot work with everyone onsite, I can help you more forward with your decluttering project. Community Clutter Clearing sessions are ongoing. Use the scheduler below to sign up.

Each session is two hours long. Here’s when we start:

2pm PT, San Francisco
5pm ET, New York
10pm GMT, London
6am AEST, Sydney (next day)

What are group clutter clearing sessions?

Very simply, a group of us will get together via video call on Zoom and work on clearing our clutter (you don’t have to show your face or your space if you don’t want too though!). I provide the structure for our time together as well as being available for you to ask questions.

I also like to add a healthy dose of fun to the sessions and will teach you energetic techniques you can use after the session is over.

What you need to participate:

  • An area in your home you want to spent about 2 hours decluttering/organizing.
    A Zoom account (create one for free here: zoom.us)
    A reliable internet connection.
    A computer or other Zoom-ready mobile device.

Ready to move towards more freedom in your home and your life? Join our group and get some guidance and support. Your investment is only $33 per session or 4 for $101 (scroll down for the package deal).

Sign up for the upcoming group sessions below:

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