I am grateful for my dear friend Dana Reece who is providing amazing content for my dear readers while I’m on a bit of a blog writing sabbatical. Here’s her offering for this week:

The Body as Practice

Recently, in Letting Go of What No Longer Serves Us, I shared about trying things a little differently as a way to spark growth and change. After ripping every article of clothing I have out of the closets and drawers, piling them into a mountain on the floor, and returning nothing that didn’t “spark joy,” to use Marie Kondo’s terminology (and methodology) I knew I wanted more of this. It had shifted something for me.

Her next suggestion was to do the same with books, which I did. It feel great. I got rid of all these intellectual books I had been keeping from college for, what, to prove that I was smart enough to read them again even though I never would?

Books that were gifts that I was keeping out of obligation. Need I say more? And the “should” books.

As a literature major, was it possible to get rid of classics? Answer: yes!

Paper is next on the list. Not looking forward to that.

But it is not just my house that needs to be taken to the next level, it’s me. As with my house, I had fallen into a routine. For the house: Clutter clear the house a couple times a year. Keep it energetically sparkling. Move and shift things when they begin to get a tired energy about them. For me: yoga, hiking, walking, shooting for 5 hours of physical movement a week but rarely achieving it because of other obligations: work, kids, partner, more work, blah, blah, blah.

Sleepy pattern.

Tennis was once part of that too, but no more.

What happened to tennis? I was running down the stairs in the pitch dark early morning one day a couple of years ago, on my way to yoga teacher training, and I fell, spraining my ankle badly. It’s swelled up to nearly twice its original size, and I went straight off to yoga training anyway, once I ascertained it was not broken, because I knew I could either lie in bed and feel miserable, or hang out with great people and wonderful energy and feel miserable. I chose the latter. No, I did not do yoga that day. Seriously, how could you even wonder if I did?!

A lot changed after —> Read the rest of the article here.

Dana Reece has a 25 year career dedicated to personal transformation, teaching people to get clarity around and then manifest their goals through writing, sharing, journaling. She is also a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor and an Inner Space Technique Practitioner (think, psychoanalysis meets reiki) with nearly 20 years’ meditation practice.

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