Why would you want to reclaim your space from clutter?

Let’s start with a definition and a bit of word history. Clutter comes from the old English word clotter which means “to clot”.

To clot, as a verb, means to cause to become obscured or blocked. Clot, as a noun, means a mass of coagulated or congealed liquid or material that is stuck together.

If you think about “to clot” in medical terms, this is not a good thing in most cases – a heart clot or a brain clot could very well mean the end of your life. In extreme cases, the same is true of physical clutter. When we’re talking about clutter, what we’re really talking about is stuff that clots up our lives.

I consider anything that creates stagnant energy in our lives to be clutter.

When something feels stagnant there is usually something blocked or obscured in our lives – there is clutter there. Remove the clutter, remove the block, find the flow.

Why do we want clearer spaces in our homes and our minds?

When spaces – physical, emotional and mental spaces – are clear it allows for the possibilities of life to open to us and gives a clear path for new energy to flow in.

Most people know in their guts that this is true, and many want this to be the reality in their homes, but what if you don’t feel like doing it, or you feel like you need a bit more inspiration and a community to support you.

I’ve been embarking on an even deeper dive into getting rid of more stuff. I wrote before about how when my husband and I moved from Iowa to Colorado that we got rid of at least 50% of our stuff. Yesterday found us at our small storage unit deciding to let go of even more. We took a full pickup load worth of stuff to the donation store, and it felt great. Soon we’ll be able to downsize to a smaller unit or eliminate the monthly rental fee altogether.

Want to join me on the quest to own less stuff? I’m hosting three more community clutter clearing sessions before we take a little summer break.

Here are the upcoming dates and times:

June 22 & 29
July 6

Thursdays (Fridays in Australia), two-hour long sessions starting at

  • 2pm PDT, San Francisco
  • 5pm EDT, New York
  • 10pm GMT, London
  • (Friday) 7am AEST, Sydney

Ready to take some action with regards to your clutter? Join our group and get some guidance and support. Your investment is only $33 per session or $101 for all four. Send me an email to sign up now.

What are community clutter clearing sessions?
Very simply, a group of us will get together via video call on Skype and work on clearing our clutter. I provide the structure for our time together as well as being available for you to ask questions. I also like to add a healthy dose of fun to the sessions and will teach you energetic techniques you can continue to use after the session is over.

What you need to participate:
An area in your home you want to spent about 2 hours decluttering.
A Skype account and basic knowledge of how to use Skype.
A reliable internet connection.

No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have Skype and an internet connection you’ll be able to join us! Send me an email to sign up now.

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