What I’ve found in my own life is that sometimes I’m working on my physical clutter, and sometimes I’m working on my internal clutter. They do tend to go together, but at different times, giving priority to one over the other can be beneficial.

When I talk about internal clutter I mean all the garbage that floats around in our minds that keeps us from being who we really are. All the “shoulds”. All the mental noise.

Personally, I’ve been clearing a lot of internal clutter lately. And I haven’t been making nearly the progress on my digitizing project (the physical clutter I’ve been chipping away at for months now) as I had hoped in the last month or so.

And I see now how I was starting to slide into a place of beating myself up for not doing a good enough job moving forward with the physical side of things, even though I was letting go of a lot of internal clutter.

This really isn’t helpful. In fact it’s another piece of my own internal clutter – never thinking that how I’m doing things is good enough.

What is helpful is compassion and acknowledgement, both for where you’ve been and how far you’ve already come.

Clearing internal clutter is about doing the thing/s that you need to do to get out of your own way. It’s about identifying and dropping conditioning that doesn’t really serve you being fully who you really are.

This could be retreating and taking quiet time on your own. It could be going out and making new friends and being social. It could be anything that allows you to be more of who you really are – not what someone else told you you are or what you should be.

It can be really helpful to have someone help with the internal clutter piece. I have a team of friends I call on when the shit hits the fan. Going at internal clutter on your own can be challenging for a number of reasons. I highly recommend a support system. This could be friends, health practitioners, alternative therapy practitioners, family, or spiritual communities. Whatever support system you choose, it’s important to utilize it!

If you don’t already have a way of dealing with internal clutter, or if you’re ready to go deeper, let’s talk. Click here to set up a time.

If it feels like it’s time for you to delve more deeply into clearing your external physical clutter, good news! A Community Clutter Clearing session is happening this Thursday. Plus, we’ve got a marathon of clutter clearing next week! Wed Oct 25 – Fri 10/27 ┬áthere are 4 different sessions available.

Go here to see the session times in your own time zone and sign up:

Look forward to clearing clutter with you soon!

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