As you know, I’m a big proponent of always taking decluttering to the next level. For me, because of where I see myself heading over the next several years, it’s clear that reducing the amount of physical stuff I have (even though it seems fairly small compared to many people) will make the future transitions much, much easier.

Over the last couple months I have been working on digitizing my old photos. This has been a really interesting experience. What has stood out to me the most are two things: 1-how much more physical contact I seem to have with my friends in old photos than I tend to these days, and 2-how uncomfortable I look like I feel in my physical body.

These two realizations have brought up a lot of things for me…. like why do I hold back from having physical connection with friends (male and female)? Is it wrong or too forward or too sexual to have physical connection? What part of me resists something that I obviously want?

I remember frequently feeling shame about my physical body and receiving messages about pain being something to push through instead of allowing myself to experience pleasure. I can see how over time I have continued to recede away from any kind of good feelings I had about my physical existence and put up barriers towards others. Ouch.

What follows from here is awareness – awareness of when I’m wanting physical touch and when I go for it and when I hold back. Awareness of how other respond to me, awareness of how I’m feeling in my physical body at any given time. It’s not about trying to change something, it’s about noticing what’s present and how I am feeling in that moment. Watching when the old patterns want to operate, and seeing what my old reaction might be and seeing if there might be another option available to choose.

Once I see the pattern of what I’m doing for what it really is, it becomes easier and easier to make a different choice. This is where the transformation comes in, consciously making different choices.

I’m ready to keep moving forward, are you? Community clutter clearing sessions are back on, weekly, on Thursdays starting this week, August 10. 2017. Each session is two hours long. Here’s when we start:

  • 2pm PT, San Francisco
  • 5pm ET, New York
  • 10pm GMT, London
  • 6am AEST, Sydney (next day)

What are group clutter clearing sessions?

Very simply, a group of us will get together via video call on Skype and work on clearing our clutter. I provide the structure for our time together as well as being available for you to ask questions.

I also like to add a healthy dose of fun to the sessions and will teach you energetic techniques you can use after the session is over.

What you need to participate:

  • An area in your home you want to spent about 2 hours decluttering/organizing.
  • A Skype account and basic knowledge of how to use Skype.
  • A reliable internet connection.
  • A computer.

Ready to tackle your clutter? Join our group and get some guidance and support. Your investment is only $33 per session or $101 for all four. Send me an email to sign up now.

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