Decluttering can be a big job. To get it done, diligence is required.

Over the last year and a half I’ve been hosting community clutter clearing sessions to help facilitate the level of diligence needed to continue moving forward with the decluttering process. And I’ve been participating in the decluttering too – refining my own systems as my life has transitioned into living in a new state and working more remotely.

Although I don’t tend to have a lot of clutter, I do find there’s always another level I can take my decluttering to. Right now I’m working on digitizing my photos because I’m ready to let go of the physical copies.

It was very interesting to me as I delved into digitizing our wedding photos in our last community clutter clearing. At first, I wanted to toss most of them and not take the time to digitize them, but I stopped and tuned in a bit deeper. Part of me was really, really angry. What was that all about?

Then I remembered that the wedding photographer had been less than a joy to deal with. What I had really wanted was not the hard copies of the photos in the first place, I had wanted digital copies, and he wanted thousands of dollars for those. I had felt he was not clear in his policies when I hired him, so it left a bad taste in my mouth to find out that I would have to buy the hard copies, and then digitize them myself to get what I wanted.

And then there I was, digitizing those photos, feeling pissed off all over again. How interesting (and maybe a bit frustrating) to look back at some of those photos and feel so angry about a day I actually felt very happy on.

Wow. What a big revelation.

I’m not finished digitizing these yet, but already I can feel some of the anger dissipate as I come closer to completing a task that had so many bad feelings attached to it.

I’ll be working on digitizing more this week in our community clutter clearing session on Thursday. We’ve got two more sessions left before we take a summer hiatus. Here are the upcoming dates and times:

June 29
July 6

Thursdays (Fridays in Australia), two-hour-long sessions starting at

  • 2pm PDT, San Francisco
  • 5pm EDT, New York
  • 10pm GMT, London
  • (Friday) 7am AEST, Sydney

Ready to take some action with regards to your clutter? Join our group and get some guidance and support. Your investment is only $33 per session. Send me an email to sign up now.

Why would you want to join us?

-Decluttering is more fun in a group. Last week we were laughing our asses off at one point and some of us were showing off items we were ready to get rid of.

-With me there to hold the space and provide the structure for our sessions, participants tend to get waaaaay more done than they do on their own.

-You can get some individual attention and get your burning questions about your decluttering situation answered.

-We do more than just decluttering. Sometimes we dance, sometimes we get in touch with our bodies, sometimes we learn energetic techniques to help lighten the load. You learn stuff you can use on your own later.

I would love for you to join us. Send me an email to sign up now.

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