I am grateful for my dear friend Dana Reece who is providing amazing content for my dear readers while I’m on a bit of a blog writing sabbatical.

Here’s her offering for this week:

The Benefits of Ignoring Conventional Wisdom

Today I did what everyone says not to do. It is one month until Halloween, and I bought a Halloween dress that is so tight that dancing will not be an option for me on Halloween. Neither will breathing. At least, not if it fits me that night the way if it fits me now.

Why did I do this? Because I’m doing everything differently, and it feels right to mix up the sleepy patterns. So as I tear through my house Marie Kondo style, getting rid of things of all sorts, as explained in Letting Go of What No Longer Serves Us, and as I have started a massive six-week fitness challenge wherein everybody on average in it is, say, about half my age, as explained in The Body as Practice, why not?

Why not throw out conventional wisdom in cases in which it has done absolutely nothing to serve me? People do this all the time when they’re on the verge of dying, or have been diagnosed with a tragic illness.

But why wait?

Part of what helps me forge ahead with vision-ful and radical transformation is my youngest son, who has cerebral palsy, such a dramatic case that he will never walk, never talk, never hold a job, never go to college, never do any of the things that so many of us hold as natural birth rights.

No first dance. No first kiss. He will never drive a car, cook a meal, none of it. All of his needs must be met by someone other than himself.

And yet, he lets go into this so beautifully, so peacefully, and with such utter trust in me and in those who care for him, that how can I do anything but be inspired? —>Read the rest of the article here.

Dana Reece has a 25 year career dedicated to personal transformation, teaching people to get clarity around and then manifest their goals through writing, sharing, journaling. She is also a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor and an Inner Space Technique Practitioner (think, psychoanalysis meets reiki) with nearly 20 years’ meditation practice.

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