you-totally-know-how-to-do-this-being-your-own-teacherI have had many, many teachers throughout my life, and for the wisdom they have passed, I am grateful.

But one thing I realize is that learning that comes solely from typical knowledge banks can never replace direct experience.

The best teachers I have had are the ones who gave me the tools to learn things on my own, not the ones who gave me list of rules to follow that were supposedly black and white.

In some ways I feel addicted to learning, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing I guess. But it gets tiring having to sort thru loads of information trying to discern what would be best, or even discerning what is True, simply from our logical minds.

What if there was a different way of learning? And what if we already knew how to do it?

Part of what I see in myself is that I was brought up to make decisions from my logical mind. It has taken me a really long time to get back in touch with a different part of myself that just knows how to make decisions. It comes with a knowing rather than from a check list of right or wrong, better or worse.

My initial mode of learning (gathering data from outside sources) led me to making all kinds of decisions from a place of the logical mind rather than from what I really felt about a situation. Wow, some of those decisions were really bad ones!

It’s also led me to taking lots of classes and courses searching for answers from others. It led me to working with lots of different practitioners and teachers who had step by step programs or who had gifted insight but still couldn’t directly teach me what I wanted to know because…

I am the only one who really knows.


How many books, magazines, blog posts, TV shows, etc have you looked towards to help you declutter your life and get more organized? Did they help you? Are you more clear in what you need to do by having read/watched them?

What if deep down you already knew what you needed to do to get your home in order and continually looking to outside sources is simply your way of avoiding doing what you already know you need to do?

What would be like for you to listen to yourself for the answers instead?

Big questions in a society that is always looking to an expert for the answer!

The longer I do this work, the more I realize that it’s not really about me decluttering and organizing a people’s homes, it’s about reconnecting them back to themselves, a connection most of us are looking for but maybe don’t know what we’re looking for.

The thing about decluttering and organizing is, you totally already know how to do it, you just may not yet know (or remember) that you already know how to do it and need a little help reconnecting with your inner teacher. Sure, you might need a little outside assistance for this, but the thing to remember is that your inner teacher does know, you CAN do this. Whether you WILL is entirely up to you.

Have you had any ah-ha moments connecting with your own inner teacher? Tell me about what it was like in the comments below!

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