River in Mongolian prairie

Lately I’ve been feeling life like a river. I can choose to go with the flow or fight my way upstream like so many before me have done.

Although swimming upstream make work for salmon, for us humans going with the flow of the river makes life so much easier.

Sometimes I’m in the flow and life seems easy, but then at other times I get caught in a snag along the bank and it feels like it takes a lot of effort to get back to the easy flow of the river of life.

I’ve found over the years that this flow (or lack thereof) is reflected in an individual’s personal spaces. Where the clutter shows up is a reflection in some way shape or form of where the stuck energy is in a person’s life.

Stagnant energy in your home equals stagnant energy in your life.

Whether it’s trouble in a relationship, problems at work, stress, or other issues I find it fascinating to see how those blocks in the energetic flow of life show up in the energy of a person’s home. It rarely shows up in exactly the same way from person to person, but one thing is the same – getting the energetic flow of your home going again can shift your outlook on life and get you back into the easier flow of your life.

So you’re feeling stagnant and overwhelmed… what do you do? The first thing to do is to jump on Skype with me for a free 30-minute Find Your Flow Discovery Session. Book your session here:


During our time together we’ll find the stuck places in your life and see what would make the most impact for you moving forward.

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