Working on a whole house project can be tricky – where’s the best place to start?

A client of mine, Sarah, brought me in to help her get her whole house back on track. As a single mom of two running her own business it was clear to me that she put almost everything and everyone else before her own needs. Her home reflected this perfectly.

She lives in a house that she has been slowly remodeling over the last 4+ years. I was struck by the fact that only two areas of the home had not yet been remodeled, and one of them was her bedroom.

Sarah said she had not been sleeping great all the time, had anxiety over work, and had generally been feeling stressed.

Although she desperately needed time and space to relax, it was apparent from the state of her bedroom that she couldn’t do it in there.

2016-01-20 10.48.55


2016-01-20 10.49.09


2016-01-20 10.49.17


I suggested we start with the bedroom and she was onboard with that. We began by creating intentions and vision for what she wanted the space to be.

Then the decluttering started. We hauled out a lot more trash and donations than Sarah thought was possible.

We moved out everything that did not support the vision she had for her own special space, including the old closet doors which were replaced by flowy fabric to help the space feel softer.

You may be able to tell from the before photos that the bedroom was about one-fourth painted (new paint brown, old paint purple). Once it was set that we weren’t going to be working on much of anything else until the vision for the bedroom was realized, Sarah was excited to finish up the painting project. Paint makes a HUGE difference in how a space feels and is relatively cheap when it comes to changing a space.

Here’s the mostly finished project:





The room still needs some art work and other personalized decor, which Sarah is currently very selectively shopping for to help support her vision for her space.

Sarah also has a longer term vision for a remodel that will change how the master bath and bedroom are connected, but until the timing is right for that bigger project, this is still fulfilling her basic vision for the space.

Sarah reports sleeping better and feeling more relaxed in her space. Although her job is sometimes stressful she’s handling it better because she’s getting the relaxation time she needs.

How about you, have you ever decluttered and/or remodeled your bedroom to make it the space you always dreamed of? I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below!

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