Tracy & OGMThis weekend I received my first hard copies of the book, ‘Our Gratitude Mission’, I’ve been working on with 15 other authors for the last two years. I was freaking excited to say the least!


My sister helped me take a bunch of goofy pictures to commemorate the moment, but I settled on this one to share with you.

Here’s what the book is about:

“Want to live a better life, one in which you are more grateful? Looking for inspiration and how to do it? Gratitude is an incredible virtue that can transform your challenges into opportunities and hardships into hope.

Our Gratitude Mission is the story of 15 diverse people, from the United States and beyond, who each, for an entire year, articulated a different expression of gratitude every single day! Some of them had an amazing year. Others encountered more than their share of difficulties. One thing is for sure, though. When you train the brain to be grateful, the examples of it keep flowing like a bountiful river. Hop on – you will enjoy and be motivated by the ride.”

I’m excited to offer you your own signed copy of the book. They are $25 each, and that includes shipping to the continental US. Simply go here to pay:

And be sure to include your shipping address with the transaction. Your book will be on its way shortly!

If you live outside the continental US and want a copy, send me an email to get an estimate on the shipping charge.

I do have a limited supply on hand at this moment, so be sure to order you copy today to receive your signed copy as soon as possible.

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