Donation-Based Group Clutter Clearing Session in June

I have been inspired to put together a series of donation-based group clutter clearing sessions for the month of June. I’d love for you to join me!

What are group clutter clearing session?
Very simply, a group of us will get together via video call on Skype and work on clearing our clutter. I provide the structure for our time together as well as being available for you to ask questions. I also like to add a healthy dose of fun to the sessions and will teach you energetic techniques you can use after the session is over.

What you need to participate:
An area in your home you want to spent about 2 hours decluttering.
A Skype account and basic knowledge of how to use Skype.
A reliable internet connection.
A laptop or desktop computer (mobiles and tablets don’t work with the video function in a group setting on Skype). If you’re using a desktop, you’ll need to be able to move it to the area where you’ll be working.
The ability to donate at least $1 per session.

The dates:
Thur 6/9, 4-6pm CDT
Tues 6/14, 1-3pm CDT
Thur 6/16, 10am-noon CDT
Thur 6/23, 4-6pm CDT
Wed 6/29, 1-3pm CDT

Find the time for your local area here:

(The major city for Central Time is Chicago).

Why am I doing this?
It’s time for me to go over my own home with a fine toothed comb again, and partially I didn’t feel like doing it by myself. What I’ve found from hosting past group clutter sessions is that it’s much easier to clear clutter when there’s someone there with you – even if that’s only virtually. I’ve done a lot of clutter clearing by myself, but even I seem to get more done in a group setting. I want more people to be able to experience the power of the group and to feel inspired to move forward in their own decluttering journey.

How to sign up:
Send me an email with “group clutter clearing” in the subject line and let me know which dates and times you’d like to participate in. Each session is limited to 6 participants – the spots are available on a first-come-first-serve basis, so I recommend getting your request in sooner rather than later. To allow more people to participate, each individual will be allowed to participate in no more than two of the donation-based sessions. Send me an email now and I’ll send you more details about how to connect with us at the designated time.