My major in college was geography. I’ve always been intrigued by maps, all kinds of maps (including treasure maps of course!). I used to sit for hours and stare at them I found them so fascinating. So it’s no wonder that I also have a fascination and appreciation for the Feng Shui Bagua Map.

Have you ever heard of the Bagua Hidden Treasure Map Method? Probably not since I just decided to call it that for this article, but I’m sure it has other “proper names” in more formal feng shui circles.

Although I’ve never had any formal training in feng shui, I’ve have experimented with it extensively in my own home. Today I wanted to share with you one of the ways I’ve used the bagua in my own home, what I like to call the Bagua Hidden Treasure Map Method.

Copyright Ann Bingley Gallops

Feng shui expert Ann Bingley Gallops of Open Spaces Feng Shui has graciously given me permission to share her bagua image with you for this article. Click on the image to see a bigger version and download the pdf for your own home alchemy journey.

Learn the basics of how to use the bagua map and more by visiting Ann’s website. Much of what I have learned about feng shui has come from Ann’s wealth of articles. If learning more about feng shui interests you, I highly recommend you check out her site.

The first step to using the bagua is to align it properly with the blueprint of your home. Place the bottom edge of the bagua along the front entrance of your home.

This can get a little tricky if you have a strangely angled entrance, so if you’re not sure which way to place the bagua, you might want to consult a trained feng shui expert (or check out Ann’s website) for answers.

You’ll now see different parts of the bagua in different parts of your home. You can also do this for your property as a whole as well as individual rooms. Again, place the bottom edge of the bagua along the same side as the entrance to the room or to the property.

From here what I do is look at all the areas of my home that are representative of a particular section of the bagua. For instance, at one point I was focused on creating better business releationships and wanting to do more travel. So, I took a really detailed look at the room in my home that fell in this section of bagua. Then I took a look at the bagua sections for Travel & Helpful People in every single room in my home.

What was revealed was stunning to me – even though my house is very organized and mostly clutter-free, I found that in almost every single room I had some clutter in the Travel & Helpful People area of that room. It wasn’t a ton a clutter, but it was conspicuous in the fact that it seemed to be energetically all in the same bagua section of a room.

What was even more amazing about this was as I got closer and closer to finishing clearing out and cleaning up even single little Travel & Helpful People area of my home, the most amazing people started flowing into my life and I started having really cool opportunities to travel! This is where the treasure in the Bagua Hidden Treasure Map Method comes in – the amazing things that can shift with your conscious awareness.

More recently I wrote about some of the relationship issues my husband and I have been going through. As part of our own personal work on our relationship we have embarked on decluttering around our own home. I have been using the Bagua Hidden Treasure Map Method for this as well. It has been enlightening to say the least.

The Relationship area of the bagua in our home is technically “missing”. This means that when we lay the bagua over the blueprint of our home, there is no part of our home that fits into the Relationship area – our house is not square, it’s L-shaped.

However, if we look at our property as a whole, our garage falls into the Relationship area. So when we first started this round of decluttering I suggested we start in the garage.

It was almost flabbergasting how neglected the garage felt as we got started. Lots of emotions got stirred up, and it felt exhausting, and that’s part of the reason we’re taking it slow. We’re not completely finished with this garage project yet. Because of our schedules the last couple months we’ve only been able to work on the garage twice, and we probably have at least one more round left to get it completely finished.

Because our decluttering is part of mending and growing our relationship and the garage is such a large area of our property, it feels important that we do the garage together. In the meantime we’ve been able to look at and clear out some of the Relationship areas within our individual rooms, sometimes together, sometimes not, depending on what room we’re in.

What we’ve found so far is that cleaning up the Relationship areas of our property has helped us to talk about and “get out” more of the relationship clutter that has been affecting us for years.

The clutter has been there for a long time, but using the Bagua as a Hidden Treasure Map has helped us to identify the physical clutter that is/has been affecting the emotional clutter in the relationship and let it go. It’s been extremely cathartic and has brought us even closer as a couple in doing this activity together.

How about you…. have you ever used the feng shui bagua map to help focus your decluttering efforts? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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