As I’ve landed back in Iowa for the next little while, my focus is on preparing to move.

I’ve been looking around our house, and not only have I been seeing it with totally new eyes, but I’m also clearly seeing the items that I want to get out of my possession before we do pack up and move.

The final countdown towards our move is beginning, and I can see more and more that every single item counts when it comes to packing and moving. Every single one.

One box of books has been standing out to me – the box of the “Our Gratitude Mission” books I bought earlier this year.

Although I have sold the majority of the books, the thought of hauling an extra 40 pounds or so isn’t very appealing to me, much less trying to find a good place to store them in our new space, which will be about half the size of our current place.

Good news for you! I’m having a 20% Off Moving Sale on “Our Gratitude Mission“!

Go here to get your signed copy today:

Our Gratitude Mission: 15 People, 365 Days, Infinite Transformations

I normally don’t offer any kind of holiday special sales around this time of year, because sales encourage rash decisions and often tend to result in a whole lot more clutter for every one – and I certainly don’t want to add to your clutter!

However, my prep for moving happens to coincide with the holidays, and frankly, this book would make a great holiday gift. If you’re wanting this to be a holiday gift, best to order right now – the holiday shipping time window is quickly closing.

Take advantage of this 20% off sale, learn more about the experiences of people who journaled their gratitude every day for a whole year, and help me lighten my load when I move.

This sale will run until either all the books are sold or until mid-January, whichever comes first. Get your copy today!




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